A 2016 redesign for the globally recognized putter manufacturer Bettinardi Golf, who's headquarters are located in of Tinley Park, IL. The client requested that their new website give an air of luxury compared to that of brands like Rolex.

I attended all client meetings for this project and have worked directly with the client from the beginning. The design for the homepage and product page were both created by myself. I developed a majority of this site in WordPress, using the Monstroid Theme, with a lot of template editing. 

Their global distributors' sites were inconsistent in design and content, so our solution was to make their new WooCommerce site multilingual utilizing WPML.

May 2018 - Bettinardi has redesigned their site, so this version is no longer live.
Homepage Design
They wanted the product pages for putters to be more in depth in design and content, different from your standard e-commerce product page.
Product Page Design
Old vs New Design
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