Flaherty Builders/Developers sought a company to revamp their very 90s era website - and we did just that!

My coworker designed the most current version of the site, and I developed it in WordPress, creating a custom home and neighborhood post type which allowed the client to enter in home information and have it display like a "tear off sheet". I also integrated a 3rd party 360 home tour.

You can view this live website at:
Screenshot of the current site, designed by coworker Mike Pascarella, developed by me.
Before moving forward with the design above, the client requested an additional design proof using their original bright yellow logo color. I designed this in Photoshop, with the thought in mind that they wanted a fixed side bar. Luxurious and exceptional as keywords, I tried to use patterns/textures that simulated those feelings.
My version of the redesign.
A screenshot of the old website (giggle).
You can view this live website at:
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